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Emporium of Superstition - Rezension

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Anthology | Review

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Anthology | Rezension
Are you a fan of mythological stories with a whiff of horror, fantasy and paranormal beings? Then you should read this anthology.
Twelve talented young female writers will abduct you into amazingly written short stories, also known as old wives‘ tales.

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Anthology | ReviewTitle: Emporium of Supestition
Author: Elle Beaumont, Katya de Becerra, Theresa Braun, Christis Christie, Jessica Cranberry, Meg Dailey, Marlena Frank, Kristin Jacques, C. Vonzale Lewis, Candace Robinson, Leslie Rush, D.M. Siciliano
Publisher: Midnight Tide Publishing, published on 05. Oct 2022
Pages: 591
Format: ARC, eBook
Language: Englisch
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My rating:

Heed the warnings, or you could be next.

A society of Old Wives’ comes together in this collection of suspenseful stories. In between these pages, twelve authors draw on ancient tales your grandmothers warned you about. From demons living amongst humans, to ghosts lurking in the shadows, and even gods looming above, these recountings will surely inspire a fright.

Open the book, turn the page, for it may be the last thing you do.

Emporium of Superstition is an anthology full of superstition, suspense, and horror. If you love Survive the Night by Riley Seger, Stephen King, Joe Hill and American Horror Story, then you'll not want to miss this thrilling collection.

Trigger warning: Violence, Profanity, and Death

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I have to thank BookSirens for the ARC in exchange for my personal opinion.

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Athology

The anthology Emporium of Superstition is just wonderful! Each one of these short stories were remarkably written, even though not all could catch me completely! I was reading one story at a time. Once I started a story it was hard to put my Kindle down. But I just couldn’t indulge in the next one. Some just needed to settle with my emotions.

All the authors who participated in this anthology are new to me, but I will definitely keep my eyes open for more of all twelve of them.

Next to ghost stories, I found mythological stories about and with demons, witches, and other paranormal beings and I felt delighted reading all these tales. As I informed myself about them, I found out those were retellings. As a German I am not very familiar with typical US American Old Wives‘ Tales. Therefore, with some I had to do some research for a better insight to the new tales.


Bottom Line

In case you are looking for some spooky short stories for this Halloween season, you should get this anthology.
Emporium of Superstition will not disappoint.

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