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SYKD September 2023 | Stuff Your Kindle Day

Hier sind nun all meine Errungenschaften meines ersten Stuff Your Kindle Day (20.-22.09.2023). Die Links hinter den ASIN führen auch zu Amazon (Affiliate Links). Dick geschrieben Titel und Autorennamen habe ich bereits gelesen (✓) bzw. lese ich gerade.

Der nächste Stuff Your Kindle Day wird am 27. Dezember 2023 stattfinden.

Here are all my achievements from my first Stuff Your Kindle Day (September 20-22, 2023). The links behind the ASIN also lead to Amazon (affiliate links). I have already read the title and author’s name in thick letters (✓) or am currently reading it.
If you are not using Amazon Germany, you should change the URL after you clicked on the ASIN link from to .com/ or any other you’re normally using.

The next Stuff Your Kindle Day will take place on December 27, 2023.

#covertitleauthor ASINnum pagesdate addedrating
1The Royal Gold Keepers 1 - Cursed Ever AfterCursed Ever After (The Royal Gold Keepers, #1)Andersen, Lacey Carter310 ppSep 19, 2023
2Mystic Chained 1 - A Blade of Air and DarknessA Blade of Air and Darkness (Mystic Chained, #1)Andersen, Lacey Carter168 ppSep 20, 2023
3Curse of Shadows and Thorns (The Broken Kingdoms, #1)Andrews, L.J.350 ppSep 20, 2023
4Fae's Captive 1 - Fae's CaptiveFae’s Captive (Fae’s Captive, #1)Archer, Lily156 ppSep 20, 2023
5Secrets of the Faerie Crown 1 - Crown of Earth and SkyCrown of Earth and Sky (Secrets of the Faerie Crown, #1)Ash, Emberly484 ppSep 20, 2023
6The London Charismatics 1 - The Fire in the GlassThe Fire in the Glass (The Charismatics, #1)Benson, Jacquelyn498 ppSep 20, 2023
7Beneath the SandBeneath the SandBichler, Katherine L.322 ppSep 22, 2023
8A Neverland Novel 1 - The Lost DarlingThe Lost DarlingBlack, Bailey219 ppSep 20, 2023
9Brutal Never Boys 1 - King of NothingKing of Nothing (Brutal Never Boys #1)Black, Mona213 ppSep 22, 2023
10Dragon Reign Box Set - Demons and DragonsDemons and Dragons (Dragon Reign, #1-5)Bladegrave, Kit610 ppSep 22, 2023
11When Wishes BleedWhen Wishes Bleed (When Wishes Bleed, #1)Bond, Casey L.462 ppSep 22, 2023
12The Isles of Fae 1 - Cursed with the Dragon PrinceCursed with the Dragon PrinceBraxton, Mel167 ppSep 20, 2023
13The Dragons of Arcadia 0.5 - Arranged to the Fae WarriorArranged to the Fae Warrior (The Dragons of Arcadia, #1) Breaker, S.R.55 ppSep 20, 2023★★☆☆
14Storm of Chaos and ShadowsStorm of Chaos and Shadows (Storm of Chaos and Shadows, #1)Briar, C.L.410 ppSep 20, 2023
15Zodiac Wolves 1 - Moon TouchedMoon Touched (Zodiac Wolves, #1)Briggs, Elizabeth324 ppSep 22, 2023
16Dragon Blood 1 - 3The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3Buroker, Lindsay666 ppSep 22, 2023
17Starry Kingdoms of the Fae - Bound By WatchersBound by WatchersBwaBwa, Stephanie252 ppSep 20, 2023
18Queen of the Damned 1 - Lucifer's DaughterLucifer’s Daughter (Damned Magic and Divine Fates: Queen of the Damned #1)Carpenter, Kel222 ppSep 22, 2023
19 of Dezrothia 1 - Lores of RuinLores of Ruin (Legacy of Dezrothia, #1)Colgan, MJ398 ppSep 20, 2023
20Ever Dark, Every Deadly 1 - Spellbound After MidnightSpellbound After Midnight (Ever Dark, Ever Deadly #1)Jenna Collett393 ppSep 20, 2023
21Men of Magic and Myth - Limited Time EditionMen of Magic and Myth – Limited Time EditionCulican, J.A., u.a.796 ppSep 22, 2023
22She Awakens 1 - She AwakensShe Awakens (She Awakens #1)Denman, Caitlin244 ppSep 20, 2023
23She Awakens 2 - She RisesShe Rises (She Awakens #2)Denman, Caitlin299 ppSep 20, 2023
24A Kiss of Salt & Sea (Darkstone Academy Book 1)Devlin, BlissB0C1M7LNH2384 ppSep 20, 2023
25Fire and Sword (Sword and Sorcery, #1)Doose, DylanB011H0JWCI402 ppSep 22, 2023
26Forsaken Mate (Shifted Fates, #1)Drake, VasilisaB0C2DT8W6T249 ppSep 20, 2023
27Bound by DeathDrew, JesB0C41629DR303 ppSep 20, 2023
28The Changeling and the Dragon (Echoes of the Void, #3)Dunlin, MalloryB0CBKZW1P9336 ppSep 20, 2023
29A Lair So Sinful (The Last Dragorai, #1)Ellis, ZoeyB08WLG4TCN302 ppSep 22, 2023
30Dragon’s Secret (Everwinter, #1)Elrick, IslaB0BTB8DCQ2274 ppSep 20, 2023
31The Curse of the Seelie KingEverhart, ChloeB0BSG2FKMZ410 ppSep 20, 2023
32A Crown of Ash & Silver (A Throne of Ice, #1)FaJohn, B.C.B0C8LLFRLC425 ppSep 20, 2023
33Gods and MortalsGockel, C.B00VCM31QK1,948 ppSep 22, 2023
34Cryptic Dreams (Prophets of Blood & Sunlight #1)Graves, A. K.B0BKY91C88472 ppSep 21, 2023
35Spirit of the Fallen (White Haven Hunters, #1)Green, T.J.B08JSN42Z7280 ppSep 22, 2023
36Lost Legacies 0.5 - A Shift in DarknessA Shift in Darkness (Lost Legacies, #0.5) Grey, Maddox134 ppSep 20, 2023★★☆☆
37Lost Legacies 1 - A Shift in ShadowsA Shift in Shadows (Lost Legacies, #1)Grey, Maddox326 ppSep 20, 2023
38Of Moons and Monsters (Of Moons and Monsters, #1)Hadley, WillowB08XC14KR7335 ppSep 20, 2023
39Fated BornHamblin, Kristin L.B0B9W7HQMR308 ppSep 20, 2023
40Rune of the Witch (The Other Witch, #0.5)Harris, Heather G.B0C85SXMVN153 ppSep 22, 2023
41Hearts Lost (Fallen Hearts, #2)Hart, MeredithB09WPKYT3T362 ppSep 22, 2023
42Royal Romance 1 - Heart of the EnemyHeart of the Enemy (Royal Romance, #1) Hart, Tilly116 ppSep 20, 2023★★★★
43Prince of Then (Black Blood Fae, #0.5)Heart, JunoB0BFRM7M72369 ppSep 20, 2023
44The Ghost of Marlow House (Haunting Danielle, #1)Holmes, BobbiB00N6V3WUU260 ppSep 22, 2023
45An Inheritance of CursesHolmes, Dee J.B07JPX7JJ9435 ppSep 17, 2023
46The Fated Chronicles (Fated Saga, #1-3)Humphrey-D’aigle, Rachel M.B00I0IBSPK558 ppSep 22, 2023
47Legacy of the Nine Realms 1 - Flames of ChaosFlames of Chaos (Legacy of the Nine Realms #1)Hutchins, Amelia606 ppSep 22, 2023
48The Tenets in the Tattoos (The King’s Swordsman #1)James, BeckyB093G23JTF526 ppSep 22, 2023
49Minotaur Series 1 - Minotaur's MuseMinotaur’s Muse (Minotaur Series, #1) Jones, Arla51 ppSep 20, 2023★★☆☆☆
50The Red Cape Society 1 - Wolves and DaggersWolves and Daggers (The Red Cape Society, #1)Karsak, Melanie182 ppSep 17, 2023
51The Celtic Blood 1 - Highland RavenHighland Raven (Celtic Blood #1)Karsak, Melanie266 ppSep 20, 2023
52The Road to Valhalla 1 - ShieldMaiden - Under the Howling MoonShield-Maiden: Under the Howling Moon (The Road to Valhalla, #1)Karsak, Melanie237 ppSep 22, 2023
53Bound by DragonsKlapheke, AlishaB0C415N992246 ppSep 20, 2023
54The Hangman Box Set (Hangman #1-3)Knightly, WLB082MRJN18620 ppSep 22, 2023
55The Taste of RevengeLancet, VeronicaB0BZLXDM11322 ppSep 22, 2023
56The Apples of Idunn (The Ragnarok Era, #1)Larkin, MattB01N5SOHQ1414 ppSep 22, 2023
57The Enchanted Elements 1 - Root of Time and TreasureRoot of Time and Treasure (The Enchanted Elements, #1) Lassalle, JB92 ppSep 20, 2023★★★★
58Of Shadow and Moonlight (Shadow and Moonlight #1)Laurier, LunaB0BLWFL6SK414 ppSep 20, 2023
59Half-Blood Dragon (Dragon Born Trilogy #1)Lee, K.N.B01NAGUUN2200 ppSep 20, 2023
60The Sutra of Spring (Solstice Shield, #1)Lee, KaceyB0C39LKF2G309 ppSep 20, 2023
61Crown of Blood and Stars (The Starling, #1)LeeAnn, DanaB0BQZ5CP3L256 ppSep 20, 2023
62Alice in the Land of Clovers (Alice: Pick a Card #1)Lovejoy, B.A.B09G2KYG1L287 ppSep 20, 2023
63Scarlight (Castles of the Eyrie, #1)Marceau, EvieB09VKKMS96332 ppSep 20, 2023
64Heart of Silk and Shadows (Fae Isles, #0.5)Marshall, LisetteB09WCTKX29217 ppSep 20, 2023
65Viking Warriors 0.5 - Viking ThunderViking Thunder (Viking Warriors, #0.5) Maupassant, Emmanuelle de71 ppSep 22, 2023★★☆☆
66A Beautiful SurrenderMays, RachelB0BLCGCBY1348 ppSep 20, 2023
67Blood Claimed (Shadowsend Vampire Clan, #1)McGinnis, L.A.B0BSSQBT9V420 ppSep 21, 2023
68Alice the Dagger (The Wonderland Court, #1)McLeo, AshleyB07Z492CVC420 ppSep 20, 2023
69Of Shadow and Light (Essence of Ash #1)McSherry, MelissaB0C973PMD1374 ppSep 20, 2023
70The Fae’s Bride (Silveri Sisters, #1)Medina, R.L.B0C7RCD4CT258 ppSep 20, 2023
71Eve of the Fae (Modern Fae, #1)Menozzi, E.B07GVQQJTC202 ppSep 20, 2023
72The Gray Knight (Frostborn, #1)Moeller, JonathanB00EDYLGXO241 ppSep 22, 2023
73Kingdoms of Shadow and Ash (Shadow and Ash, #1)Moore, H.R.B09WN46GBL345 ppSep 22, 2023
74In The Cover of DarknessMorgan, JozanneB0C4H8GRM6358 ppSep 20, 2023
75To Carve a Fae Heart (The Fair Isle Trilogy, #1)Odette, TessonjaB087TDRH1T384 ppSep 20, 2023
76A Kingdom of Iron & Wine (Ironworld #1)Osmond, CandaceB09JM5YMQD472 ppSep 20, 2023
77They Mostly Come Out at Night (Yarnsworld, #1)Patrick, BenedictB01DL8S8F6202 ppSep 22, 2023
78A Legacy of Storms and Starlight (A Legacy of Storms and Starlight, #1)Price, Victoria J.B09M7MYJ37461 ppSep 17, 2023
79On These Black Sands (Aisling Sea #1)Rasanen, VanessaB08Y78F5K8440 ppSep 20, 2023
80Dancing With Darkness (The Wild Hunt, #1)Reese, H JB0C7N5HV7R296 ppSep 20, 2023
81Stolen by the Wolves (Viking Omegaverse, #1)Robinson, LyxB08WJMH3R9360 ppSep 22, 2023
82Nightmarked 1 - City of StormsCity of Storms (Nightmarked, #1) Ross, Kat504 ppSep 23, 2022★★★★★
83The Ever Trilogy 1-3The Ever TrilogyRusso, Jessa812 ppSep 22, 2023
84The Darker Woods 1 - Wicked CourtWicked Court (The Darker Woods, #1)Sage, May; Blake, Alexi220 ppSep 20, 2023
85The Exile’s Curse (Daughter of Ravens Book 1)Scott, M.J.B094XLKHCH376 ppSep 20, 2023
86White as Frost (Darkwood Trilogy, #1)Sharp, AntheaB08FXZ5HT9373 ppSep 20, 2023
87FrankensteinFrankensteinShelley, Mary248 ppSep 22, 2023
88The Sacrifice (Her Monstrous Boys, #1)Shore, EmilyB0CB6VWJNS355 ppSep 20, 2023
89The Legend of the HunterThe Legend of the Hunter Skye, Tiffani111 ppSep 22, 2023★★☆☆☆
90Feathers and Flame (A Conspiracy of Witches, #1)Snook, N.B.B09YM9ZFNW276 ppSep 22, 2023
91The Alpha King (Kingdom of Askara, #1)Sue, VictoriaB01N351BQS252 ppSep 20, 2023
92Bound by RavensSundin, JesikahB0C41M5JTD257 ppSep 20, 2023
93The Witch Handbook to Magic and Mayhem (Stolen Spells, #1)Thawer, TishB0BWK5PPCV218 ppSep 20, 2023
94Starry Kingdoms of the Fae 1 - Bound by TreasonBound by Treason (Starry Kingdoms of the Fae, #1)Tilton, Eliza122 ppSep 20, 2023
95The Other WorldVarian, C.A.B0B6BDSS8N357 ppSep 20, 2023
96Lethal Grace: First InstallmentWahya, AerowynB0CF2RKZ86166 ppSep 20, 2023
97LacunaWalker, N.R.B08LC2PVBT366 ppSep 20, 2023
98Leviathan’s Song (The Boundlands, #1)Winters, ElsieB098KL6V9H342 ppSep 20, 2023
99Between Ink and Shadows (Between Ink and Shadows, #1)Wright, Melissa242 ppSep 22, 2023


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