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Root of Time and Treasure Review

Root of Time and Treasure ♦ JB Lassalle | Review

A Captivating Journey Through Time and Magic

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading Root of Time and Treasure by JB Lassalle, and I must say that it was a pleasant experience worthy of four stars.
I’m delighted I got this book during this year’s Stuff Your Kindle Day at the end of September.

Root of Time and TreasureRoot of Time and Treasure by JB Lassalle
Series: The Enchanted Elements #1
Published: 27. July 2023
Publisher: Mighty Oak Publishing Services, LLC
Pages: 92
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance, Witches
Audience: New Adult
Shelve: Read 2023, Stuff Your Kindle
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Adeline Refaire never had to save a life before. But until she can successfully protect a young boy, she's stuck repeating the same Tuesday. And when this shopkeeper with a gift falls for the boy's half-brother, it puts more than her mission in danger.

Christopher Reynolds just needed coffee. His spontaneous search for caffeine was meant to be a distraction from a twenty-year-old cold case. But the no-nonsense crime blogger can't figure out why he finds Adeline so intriguing, or why visiting her store fills him with dread.

When Adeline discovers that Christopher’s mystery and her looping Tuesday are related, she must earn his trust to break the cycle. But as their attraction grows and they uncover the truth, it leads to risks that could break her heart. Or worse, leave her stuck in time forever.

Root of Time and Treasure is the first book in the Enchanted Elements fantasy romance series filled with pirates, mythic creatures, and New Orleans flair. If you like time loops, insta-love, and opposites attract low-steam romances then you’ll adore JB Lassalle’s exciting new world.

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Root of Time and Treasure ♦ JB Lasalle


The novel’s unusual and intriguing magical system is one of its most notable features. Lassalle has created a world in which magic is more than just a plot device. The incorporation of magical elements into the tale adds depth and excitement, keeping readers on the edge of their seats as they investigate the possibilities of the fanciful elements at work.

What actually distinguishes Root of Time and Treasure is its inventive use of the time loop concept, which is reminiscent of the classic film Groundhog Day. Adeline Refaire, the female protagonist, becomes stuck in a recurring Tuesday, a subtle homage to a well-known trope that lends an added element of mystery and tension to the plot. The author expertly navigates the difficulties of a time loop storyline, keeping it new and fascinating throughout.

The characters are well-developed and approachable, with the female heroine standing out as a dynamic and strong lead. Her voyage through the looping Tuesdays is both an exciting adventure and a touching exploration of self-discovery and growth.

The story’s pacing is excellent, with a good blend of action-packed sequences and quieter, reflective periods. Lassalle’s writing style is engrossing and fluid, making it easy to become lost in Root of Time and Treasure.



Lastly, Root of Time and Treasure is an engrossing novel that perfectly integrates magic and time-travel components into a riveting narrative. JB Lassalle has developed a story that will leave readers eagerly expecting their next journey within the pages of this captivating tale, complete with a strong lead character, an original magical system, and an homage to the traditional time loop motif. Four amazing stars out of five!

The Enchanted Elements — The Series

Root of Time and Treasure (#1)Sky Over Mountain and Memory (#2)
Bay Between Heart and Home (#3)Embers in Bloom and Blaze (#4)

About JB Lassalle

JB Lassalle

JB Lassalle is a writer of later-in-life Women’s Fiction. Her stories include strong females finding their way, dimensional males, and found family friendships set in quirky small towns. Jen is a New Orleans resident. The city, and the surrounding areas, serve as a rich backdrop for Jen’s stories.

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