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A Grave So Cold ♦ CM Tillman | Review

A Grave So Cold ♦ CM Tillman | Review A multi-generational family curse, paranormal and otherworldly beings, worlds within tombs where the dead are imprisoned in some sort of purgatorial afterlife, and a fair lot of spice… This was a very satisfied spooky read. Post Views: 407

Das Mädchen ♦ Stephen King | Rezension

Das Mädchen ♦ Stephen King | Rezension Ich hatte mit dem Buch anfangs ein paar Schwierigkeiten, da mich der Schreibstil anfangs eher schläfrig gemacht hat, als dass er mich packen konnte. Was mir bei King bisher nicht so passiert ist. Post Views: 415

The Broken Darkness ♦ Theresa Braun | Review

The Broken Darkness ♦ Theresa Braun | Review There are thirteen (13) short horror/paranormal stories in this book. Some stories are going to be better than others, just like in most collections of short stories. The remaining stories were either excessively anticipated or without substance, except for four that I thoroughly loved.The first time I came across Theresa Braun, was through another anthology, which I reviewed last year: Emporium of Superstition. Post Views: 639

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Anthology | Review

Emporium of Superstition - Rezension

Emporium of Superstition ♦ Anthology | RezensionAre you a fan of mythological stories with a whiff of horror, fantasy and paranormal beings? Then you should read this anthology.Twelve talented young female writers will abduct you into amazingly written short stories, also known as old wives‘ tales. Post Views: 1.111

Cover Monday № 7 | Mexican Gothic

Bei Goodreads Summer Reading bin ich allerdings auf ein paar interessante Bücher gestoßen. Eins davon wollte ich euch heute hier vorstellen. Denn ich habe mich in das Cover schock-verliebt. Nun warte ich auch darauf, dass es Ende des Monats endlich erscheint und ich ein Exemplar in den Händen halten darf.

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