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Sundays in Bed with...

Sundays in Bed with… Root of Time and Treasure

Willkommen zu Sundays in Bed with… Root of Time and Treasure 📚

Diese Blogger Aktion wagt es zu fragen, welches Buch am jeweiligen Sonntag mit dir das Bett geteilt hat?
Berichte welches Buch du gemütlich eingemummelt im Bett gelesen hast oder für welches Buch du heute gerne Zeit gehabt hättest!

Mehr Informationen zu dieser sonntäglichen Aktion findest du hier.

Sundays in Bed with… Root of Time and Treasure (The Enchanted Elements, #1) ♦ JB Lassalle

Am heutigen Sonntag habe ich neben meinem zweiten GruselBingo – Buch auch zu einem Buch aus meiner SYKD (Stuff Your Kindle Day) – Liste gegriffen. Hiervon habe ich schon fast eine Handvoll Bücher gelesen, da ich einfach mit den kürzesten Werken begonnen habe. Und bei den 99 Büchern muss ich ja irgendwann mal irgendwo anfangen. 😁

Root of Time and TreasureRoot of Time and Treasure by JB Lassalle
Series: The Enchanted Elements #1
Published: 27. July 2023
Publisher: Mighty Oak Publishing Services, LLC
Pages: 92
Genre: Contemporary, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal, Romance, Witches
Audience: New Adult
Shelve: Read 2023, Stuff Your Kindle
Link to Goodreads

Adeline Refaire never had to save a life before. But until she can successfully protect a young boy, she's stuck repeating the same Tuesday. And when this shopkeeper with a gift falls for the boy's half-brother, it puts more than her mission in danger.

Christopher Reynolds just needed coffee. His spontaneous search for caffeine was meant to be a distraction from a twenty-year-old cold case. But the no-nonsense crime blogger can't figure out why he finds Adeline so intriguing, or why visiting her store fills him with dread.

When Adeline discovers that Christopher’s mystery and her looping Tuesday are related, she must earn his trust to break the cycle. But as their attraction grows and they uncover the truth, it leads to risks that could break her heart. Or worse, leave her stuck in time forever.

Root of Time and Treasure is the first book in the Enchanted Elements fantasy romance series filled with pirates, mythic creatures, and New Orleans flair. If you like time loops, insta-love, and opposites attract low-steam romances then you’ll adore JB Lassalle’s exciting new world.

Buy the Book: Amazon*
Red QueenRed Queen by Christina Henry
Series: The Chronicles of Alice #2
Published: 16. July 2016
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Pages: 313
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Horror, Magic, Retelling, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: SuBventur
Link to Goodreads

The land outside of the Old City was supposed to be green, lush, hopeful. But the verdant fields are nothing but ash and hope is nowhere to be found. Still, Alice and Hatcher are on a mission to find his daughter: a quest they will not forsake even as it takes them deep into the clutches of the mad White Queen or into the realm of the twisted and cruel Black King. The pieces are set and the game has begun, and each move brings Alice closer to her destiny.

Buy the Book: Amazon*

Mit welchem Buch bist du heute in den Sonntag gestartet? Erzähl mir davon in einem Kommentar, ich freu‘ mich darauf.

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