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All the Blood Spilt - Review

All the Blood Spilt ♦ A.M. Dunnewin | ARC Review

All the Blood Spilt is a riveting continuation of the saga

The second installment of A.M. Dunnewin’s All the Dark Souls trilogy, All the Blood Spilt, is a gripping continuation of the story that has me completely captivated. This chapter continues where the last one left off, throwing me into a turbulent adventure where peril looms around every corner and trust is a scarce resource.

All the Blood SpiltAll the Blood Spilt by A.M. Dunnewin
Series: All the Dark Souls #2
Published: 20. June 2023
Publisher: Dark Hour Press
Pages: 199
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Death, Gothic, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2024
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After saving the lost prince from his execution, Joss Brevyn is on the run. With a price on their heads, the deathsman and her assistant, Henrik, have only one way to clear their find Callan Ronen and get him home to Aselian. But while both assume that finding him would be the hard part, it’s staying alive that becomes the challenge. The road to Aselian isn’t just marked by dense forests and treacherous terrain; it’s a host to those who will do anything to catch the prince-turned-prisoner and the two who helped him escape.

One of those is Aric Kayden, the assassin who's still reeling from the guilt of how he and Joss had last parted. With his own injuries on the mend, Aric has only one goal in kill Callan in order to save himself—as well as Joss and Henrik—from the Mask. However, the journey to find the prince grows more complicated as Aric begins to realize that killing him may not be the answer to all of his problems.

Bound in a game of cat-and-mouse, both Joss and Aric must decide what’s more doing the right thing or saving themselves. Because Callan isn’t just a man who’s trying to get home; he’s the missing heir who holds a dark secret, one that could jeopardize them all.

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All the Blood Spilt ♦ A.M. Dunnewin

A Review


The fearless executioner Joss and her steadfast assistant Henrik are now on the run, their destiny linked to that of the Prince Royal Callan Ronan, whom they heroically saved from the jaws of death. Their escape from danger is a terrifying journey that puts their bravery and commitment to the test. They must navigate a treacherous landscape of foes and unforeseen difficulties, as betrayal is always lurking around every corner.

The characters in All the Blood Spilt have a compelling development that makes it stand out. Joss, Henrik, and their mysterious assassin Aric, who is always on the lookout for trouble, create an unshakable relationship through hardship despite the constant threat that hangs over them. In a world of darkness, when alliances are brittle and trust is a luxury they cannot afford, their friendship serves as a light of hope.

Dunnewin’s masterful storytelling delves even deeper into the psyche of each character, unraveling layers of complexity that add depth and nuance to an already rich tapestry. The growth I witnessed in the first installment blossoms into full bloom here, as each member of this motley crew confronts their demons and grapples with their past.

The mystery surrounding the prince’s real enemy hangs large amid the mayhem and confusion, throwing a dark veil over their pursuit of the truth and atonement. But when alliances are put to the test and secrets are revealed, the group starts to peel back the layers of deceit that trap them, getting closer to the core of the plot that threatens to tear their world apart.

Dunnewin’s world-building is nothing short of extraordinary; it gives the story a tangible sense of hopelessness and dread. Every element, from the gloomy lanes of the towns to the barren stretches of the wilderness, has been painstakingly created to transport the reader to a world that is on the brink of oblivion.

And let us not overlook Dunnewin’s prose in All the Blood Spilt, which is nothing short of magnificent. Her words dance over the page, creating a mesmerizing story that captivates the reader and refuses to let go. With each turn of the page, I was enthralled by her poetic words and rich picture.



In conclusion, All the Blood Spilt is a dark fantasy masterpiece that outperforms its predecessor in every way. With its vividly created characters, sophisticated plot, and haunting atmosphere, it is a must-read for genre enthusiasts. A.M. Dunnewin has excelled herself with this novella.

I received a review copy/ARC via NetGalley.
However, this did not influence my opinion of the work.

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About A.M. Dunnewin

A.M. Dunnewin

A.M. Dunnewin grew up with a taste for mysteries and thrillers, inherited ever so lovingly from her family. An affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, A.M.’s own stories cover a wide range of genres that tend to take a dark turn when least expected. With a B.A. in Psychology, she’s a gambler of words, obsessed with chai tea, and addicted to books – everything from classical literature to graphic novels. Other hobbies include art, history, music, equestrianism, and a good classic film. She currently dwells in Northern California.

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