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All the Dark Souls - Review

All the Dark Souls ♦ A.M. Dunnewin | Review

All the Dark Souls, a beautifully dark story with strong characters

All the Dark Souls by A.M. Dunnewin is an enthralling dive into a world where darkness and beauty intermingle seamlessly. As the first installment of the trilogy of the same name, it sets the stage with a countryside setting that is both hauntingly dark and breathtakingly beautiful.

All the Dark SoulsAll the Dark Souls by A.M. Dunnewin
Series: All the Dark Souls #1
Published: 1. November 2022
Publisher: Dark Hour Press
Pages: 202
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Death, Gothic, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2024, Stuff Your Kindle
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Joss Brevyn is the last heir in a long line of executioners. Although a woman, the same rules still apply: kill the condemned within three tries, or be tortured and killed. Joss has yet to miss her mark, and even though she spends her free time as a healer, the town views her only as a deathsman. So when she and her assistant, Henrik, stumble upon a beaten man on the way home, both are hesitant to reveal who they really are. The only problem is, so is he.

Aric Kayden has seen better days. After failing to assassinate his last victim, he's left bleeding on the side of the road until he's found and taken in by Joss and Henrik, two seemingly innocent locals. Healing from his wounds, Aric is still haunted by the target he didn't kill, especially by those who paid him. Despite the undeniable attraction between him and Joss, Aric can't bring himself to tell the truth: that the masked figures who hired him knows where he is, and his original target is the mysterious prisoner who was recently sentenced to death. Forced to uphold the deal, Aric's only job now is to make sure the execution goes as planned and eliminate whoever intervenes.

Bound by their duties, both Joss and Aric assume this next kill will be easy. But then one of them has a change of heart, sparking a chain reaction that could leave one—or both—of them dead.

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All the Dark Souls ♦ A.M. Dunnewin

A Review


From the outset, it’s evident that Dunnewin has crafted characters that are not only lovable but also deeply nuanced. Each character is given the space to develop at their own pace, weaving seamlessly into the intricate plot. Joss, the focal point as the town’s executioner, is a particularly compelling protagonist. Her journey is a blend of duty, sacrifice, and ultimately redemption.

The hidden, slow burn romance between Joss and Aric adds a layer of complexity and emotion to an already gripping narrative. Their dynamic, coupled with Joss‚ enigmatic past and her role as executioner, creates a tension that keeps readers eagerly turning pages. Henrik, the shy yet kind companion to Joss, adds another dimension to the group dynamic, serving as more of a brother figure than a mere friend.

What truly sets All the Dark Souls apart is its exploration of courage and sacrifice. Joss‚ decision to spare a stranger from the gallows sets off a chain reaction that puts not only her life, but the lives of those she cares about, in jeopardy. An already complex narrative is further complicated by the fact of that stranger who claims to be the lost Prince Royal Callan.

Dunnewin’s prose is rich and evocative, painting vivid images of the countryside setting and the characters who inhabit it. The pacing is expertly crafted, balancing moments of quiet introspection with heart-pounding action sequences. As the first installment of a trilogy, All the Dark Souls lays a solid foundation for what promises to be an epic and unforgettable journey.



In conclusion, All the Dark Souls is a captivating read that seamlessly blends dark themes with moments of unexpected beauty. With its lovable characters, intricate plot, and gripping but latent romance, it’s a book that will linger in the minds of readers long after the final page is turned. A.M. Dunnewin has crafted a truly remarkable tale, that I went straight to the next volume.

All the Dark Souls


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About A.M. Dunnewin

A.M. Dunnewin

A.M. Dunnewin grew up with a taste for mysteries and thrillers, inherited ever so lovingly from her family. An affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association, A.M.’s own stories cover a wide range of genres that tend to take a dark turn when least expected. With a B.A. in Psychology, she’s a gambler of words, obsessed with chai tea, and addicted to books – everything from classical literature to graphic novels. Other hobbies include art, history, music, equestrianism, and a good classic film. She currently dwells in Northern California.

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