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The Song of the Fae ♦ E.H. Jahr | Review

The Song of the Fae ♦ E.H. Jahr | Review

Actually I shouldn’t have searched, I have more than enough books on the shelf. But on BookSirens I couldn’t avoid The Song of the Fae. The blurb was just too appealing that I couldn’t resist.

The Song of the Fae ♦ E.H. Jahr | ReviewTitle: The Song of the Fae
Author: E.H. Jahr
Series: The Songs of Draiden #1
Publisher: Independently Published, published on 30. Jun 2023
Genre: Fae, High Fantasy, New Adult
Pages: 299
Format: ARC, eBook
Language: English
Purchased at: BookSirens
Buy here: Amazon
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My rating:

A woman with a secret power; a faerie prince on a mission to save his kingdom, and a dark power that threatens to tear it apart.

Kiera breaks the law every time she uses her power to heal. She’s a human, ruled by the corrupt and powerful fae, and they allow the right to wield magic only for themselves. But the power within her is too strong to resist. When Dorian, the fae prince who rules her kingdom, finds her and offers her a deal, she finally has a chance to learn how to control her gift. Kiera doesn’t trust Dorian, nor does she believe she can save her kingdom as he so adamantly believes. But with each passing day she finds herself drawn to him in ways she can’t explain. But Dorian has secrets, one powerful enough to change everything Kiera thought she knew about herself, her prince, and the kingdom he rules. As dark forces close in, Kiera must face her doubts and fight, if not for her kingdom or her prince, then for herself. In her debut novel E. H. Jahr weaves a fantasy romance that encapsulates themes of belonging, power, and triumph over fear.

The Song of the Fae ♦ E.H. Jahr


When Kiera moves to a new town with her father, she has to come to the aid of two residents immediately. This tells Dorian, the Prince of the Fae, that Kiera has the gift of healing.
That was also the moment when the main protagonist annoyed me. Her inherently aggressive attitude toward Dorian makes her very unsympathetic to me, for he respectfully met her by offering to train her gift.
If she had reacted more cautiously towards him, her sympathy points with me would not have dropped so quickly. But this forced drama obviously always has to be with New Adult, because that’s the age bracket I put the book in.

But during the storyline, Kiera regains my sympathies. She may seem fragile, but inside she’s a really strong young woman.
At first, Dorian’s attachment to her seems too intentional, at times it felt like an obsession. But E.H. Jahr can steer everything in the right direction with her storytelling and the secrets that everyone carries with them result in a coherent plot.
The dangers to which the kingdom is exposed are also well interwoven with the protagonists and the twists were chosen at the right moments for me and were not predictable. Terrific!

I liked the author’s writing style, it drew me into the story from the start. This one got better and better from page to page. The pace didn’t get me out of breath now, but it held me captive.
I liked that the author answers many of the questions that arise quickly as the story progresses. Even if one or the other question is still unanswered, but there must still be some material for the next volume.



I thought the tale was good overall, and I liked the writing approach. Even though I initially thought Kiera to be a little unpleasant, I felt completely absorbed in the story and became attached to the characters! I now only have to wait for the following installment.

About E.H. Jahr

E. H. Jahr is a writer from Rhode Island. She likes to explore personal emotions and relationships in her work, using epic fantasy settings to tell important stories. When she isn’t writing she chases her toddler and walks her dog (although that could be reversed) throughout the beautiful New England landscape.

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Celeste | A Literary Escape
9 Monate zuvor

It seems like the book got off to a shaky start for you, but I’m glad you ended up liking it well enough! It’s always nice when the twists aren’t super predictable.

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