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The Ever King - Review

The Ever King ♦ LJ Andrews | Review

A Captivating Journey into the Realm of the Ever Seas

As a voracious reader on the search for new fantasy adventures, I approached The Ever King, the first volume of LJ AndrewsThe Ever Seas series, with some skepticism despite some high praise. However, within moments of diving into its pages, whatever misgivings I had were quickly gone, and I found myself hooked in Andrews‚ gripping story.

The Ever KingThe Ever King by LJ Andrews
Series: The Ever Seas #1
Published: 16. September 2023 by Victorious
Format: Kindle Edition, 408 pages
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Fae, Magic, Pirates, Romance
Language: English
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2024
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They stole his crown, so he stole their daughter…

For years Erik, the scarred king of the Ever Kingdom, has thought of nothing but vengeance against the man who killed his father and trapped him beneath the waves, making him a prisoner in his own realm.

Until his enemy’s daughter unintentionally breaks the chains on the Ever, and Erik makes her the unwitting pawn in his vicious game of revenge.

She’s innocent. He’s vicious. But he will take back what he lost, no matter the price.

Unless she steals his heart first.

Welcome to the passionate world of the Ever Kingdom where pirates, sirens, and fae collide with Vikings in a dark fantasy romance between a villain and the innocent princess who holds his heart.

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The Ever King ♦ LJ Andrews

A Review


Andrews expertly dragged me into a world that is as dark and dreadful as it is fascinating. The vivid descriptions of the setting conjure up visions of roaring oceans, perilous terrain, and enigmatic islands, each with its own mysteries and dangers. It’s a credit to the author’s talent that I felt transported to this strange realm from the first few pages, eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in the story.

One of the most admirable parts of The Ever King is Andrews‚ flawless writing style, which seamlessly blends mystery, suspense, and adventure. The narrative is rich and moving, creating a vibrant picture of this fantastic world and its inhabitants. Furthermore, the protagonists‘ conversations are brimming with wit and charm, producing a sense of belonging reminiscent of the banter seen in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Aside from its compelling characters and gripping plot, The Ever King shines in its embrace of magical elements. Andrews flawlessly blends enchantments into the plot, giving it a sense of awe and mysticism. Whether it’s ancient treasures, exotic creatures, or challenging spells, the magical aspects add complexity and excitement to the story, it all kept me spellbound until the last page.

Furthermore, Andrews expertly weaves the present-day narrative with a deeply detailed background full of mysteries and riddles waiting to be solved. The dual style of narration, by Erik and Livia, adds various degrees of depth to the plot, and allowed me to unravel the riddles alongside the characters as they traverse their world.



Finally, The Ever King is a masterpiece of fantasy storytelling that well exceeded my expectations. LJ Andrews has developed a captivating story that seamlessly blends pirate thrills, magical enticement, and vibrant characters. I highly recommend this book to any fan of the dark fantasy genre, and I’m looking forward to the next installment in what looks to be an epic story across The Ever Sea.
In a nutshell, The Ever King is a fascinating gem that fully earns its five-star rating.

The Ever Seas


The Ever King (#1)The Ever Queen (#2)
The Mist Thief (#3) (ET Jun/Jul ’24)

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