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Queen of Roses - Review

Queen of Roses ♦ Briar Boleyn | Review

Queen of Roses – An almost 3.5-Star Adventure into the Enchanting Realm of an Arthurian Retelling

Briar Boleyn’s Queen of Roses is an enthralling Arthurian retelling that weaves a magnificent tapestry of lore, half-fae mystery, and a hint of suspense. While the story has numerous strengths, certain character quirks and the enigmatic nature of the plot left me with mixed feelings.

Queen of RosesQueen of Roses by Briar Boleyn
Series: Blood of a Fae #1
Published: 15. April 2023
Publisher: Starwater Press
Pages: 357
Genre: Arthurian, Fae, High Fantasy, Magic, Mythology, Retelling, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2023
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A doomed love, a dangerous mission, and a kingdom on the brink of war...
A cast-off princess…

Born into a life of duty and sacrifice, Morgan Pendragon’s destiny has never been her own. Rumored to carry the tainted blood of the fae in her veins, her birthright is stolen from her when she is a mere child. Growing up in the shadow of her brother the king, she has been promised to the goddesses when she comes of age. So, when her brother commands that she seek out a fae weapon of legendary power, Morgan seizes the chance to break free from the chains of her fate.

A dangerous temptation…

As she travels, Morgan finds herself drawn into a strange group of outcasts, led by a dark and enigmatic warrior whose sharp wit and fierce beauty set her heart ablaze. But while Morgan struggles to reconcile her desires with her duty, she and her new comrades discover dangers that await them beyond anything in their wildest nightmares.

A slumbering kingdom awoken by blood…

Believed to have vanished generations ago, a fae kingdom dreaded by mortals is ascending once more, bound to reclaim what was lost by violence and bloodshed. As the fae world, with its intricate web of lies and mysteries, is slowly revealed to Morgan, she is led to the terrible realization that the secrets she carries in her blood make her a greater threat than she could ever have imagined.

The first in an action-packed new series brimming with magic, danger, and spellbinding slow-burn romance, Queen of Roses is perfect for fans of Holly Black, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Sarah J. Maas.

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Queen of Roses ♦ Briar Boleyn


Morgan Pendragon, half-fae and the main female protagonist with a unique blend of enchantment and royal lineage, is at the center of the story. Boleyn’s world-building is outstanding, it transported me to a fantasy environment where fae magic and Arthurian legends coexist flawlessly. The rich descriptions of the landscapes and courtly life aroused awe, brought me into the story’s heart.

One of the novel’s most intriguing characters is the enigmatic Kairos Draven. Draven’s mysterious atmosphere is maintained with subtlety throughout the book, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. His enigmatic personality creates tension, and Boleyn skillfully builds expectation for the disclosure that ultimately arrives at the cliffhanger end. Draven’s involvement is crucial to the plot, and the author’s talent in keeping the mystery surrounding him alive is commendable.

Despite her unique lineage and well-read temperament, Morgan Pendragon’s portrayal leaves something to be desired. Her innocence is shown in a critical sequence, and it feels at odds with her character’s established depth. Given her experience and the difficulties she faces, one might anticipate a more nuanced approach in key situations. This component might be addressed to boost Morgan’s overall character development and credibility.



Despite these minor flaws, Queen of Roses is an engaging read for aficionados of Arthurian retelling and fae fiction. Boleyn’s style is poetic, conjuring us a vivid picture of a world where magic and fate combine. Even if certain character components fall slightly short of expectations, the narrative’s strengths, particularly the intriguing characterization of Kairos Draven and the beautiful world-building, make it a great contribution to the genre. And the next installments of the Blood of a Fae series holds enough space for more character development.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Blood of a Fae — The Series

Queen of Roses (#1)Court of Claws (#2)
Empress of Fae (#3)Knight of the Goddess (#4) (to be published in 2024)

About Briar Boleyn

Briar Boleyn

Briar Boleyn is the fantasy romance pen name of USA TODAY bestselling author Fenna Edgewood. Briar rules over a kingdom of feral wildling children with a dark fae prince as her consort. When she isn't busy bringing new worlds to life, she can be found playing RPG video games, watching the birds at her bird feeder and pretending she's Snow White, or being sucked into a captivating book. Her favorite stories are the ones full of danger, magic, and true love.

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