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Gild - Review

Gild ♦ Raven Kennedy | Review

Gild – An Intriguing yet Flawed Start to „The Plated Prisoner“ Series

As a reader who values a fair balance of action and character development, diving into Gild, the first part of Raven Kennedy’s The Plated Prisoner series, was a mixed bag. While the story initially meandered over long stretches with no action, an unexpected twist in the latter half of the book provided a much-needed boost of adrenaline.

GildGild by Raven Kennedy
Series: The Plated Prisoner #1
Published: 2. June 2022
Publisher: Penguin Books
Pages: 389
Genre: Fae, Fantasy, Magic, Mythology, Retelling, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2022, Read 2024
Link to Goodreads

The fae abandoned this world to us. And the ones with power rule.


Gold floors, gold walls, gold furniture, gold clothes. In Highbell, in the castle built into the frozen mountains, everything is made of gold.

Even me.

King Midas rescued me. Dug me out of the slums and placed me on a pedestal. I’m called his precious. His favored. I’m the woman he Gold-Touched to show everyone that I belong to him. To show how powerful he is. He gave me protection, and I gave him my heart. And even though I don’t leave the confines of the palace, I’m safe.

Until war comes to the kingdom and a deal is struck.

Suddenly, my trust is broken. My love is challenged. And I realize that everything I thought I knew about Midas might be wrong.

Because these bars I’m kept in, no matter how gilded, are still just a cage. But the monsters on the other side might make me wish I’d never left.

The myth of King Midas reimagined. This compelling adult fantasy series is as addictive as it is unexpected. With romance, intrigue, and danger, the gilded world of Orea will grip you from the very first page.

Please Note: This book contains explicit content and darker elements, including mature language, violence, and rape. It is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. This is book one in a series.

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Gild ♦ Raven Kennedy

A Review


The lack of action in the first two-thirds of the volume was evident and rather aggravating. Due to a lack of impetuses, I felt myself on the verge of abandoning the book. Additionally, my inability to connect with the FMC exacerbated my frustration with the pacing. Auren, like the elusive King Midas, initially appeared uninspired and unimpressive, failing to elicit genuine interest or sympathy. Even the unusual idea of Auren being totally gold-plated failed to catch my curiosity.

However, despite the repetitious babble and tepid characterizations, I was able to detect elements of moral complexity within Auren. Her steady transformation from a passive prisoner to a more nuanced figure hinted at possible growth and depth, albeit against the backdrop of Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon that loomed uncomfortably over her character arc.

My disdain for King Midas, the story’s apparent antagonist, persisted throughout the story. His image as a pompous, self-centered wimp drew little compassion from me, and I found myself anxiously expecting his downfall. Kennedy’s expert characterization succeeds in creating Midas as a palpable source of conflict, although one devoid of redeemable traits.

Despite my doubts, the surprising narrative twist in the final section of the novel captured my interest and left me curious about Auren’s uncertain journey. Her quick transition from one captivity to another, interrupted by periods of stress and uncertainty, added a new feeling of urgency to the story. The rapid pace of events, which occurred in a matter of hours in the story, hinted to the possibility of exciting developments in future installments.



In my conclusion, Gild is a weak but promising start to The Plated Prisoner series. While the early lack of action and mediocre characterizations may turn off some readers, the abrupt narrative shift and unresolved story lines give plenty of room for further exploration. Despite its flaws, I remain cautiously enthusiastic about Auren’s path and look forward to seeing her progress in future volumes.

The Plated Prisoner


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About Raven Kennedy

Raven Kennedy

Raven Kennedy is an International Bestselling Author who writes in a range of genres, including fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, dark romance, and romcoms.

Whether she makes you laugh or cry, she loves creating worlds and making characters you can root for.

She is a California girl born and raised, drinker of tea, and lover of dark chocolate. When she's not writing, she can be found binge watching The Office and The Great British Baking Show, or with her nose stuck in a book.

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