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Sundays in Bed with...

Sundays in Bed with… Bound by Treason

Willkommen zu Sundays in Bed with… Bound by Treason 📚

Diese Blogger Aktion wagt es zu fragen, welches Buch am jeweiligen Sonntag mit dir das Bett geteilt hat?
Berichte welches Buch du gemütlich eingemummelt im Bett gelesen hast oder für welches Buch du heute gerne Zeit gehabt hättest!

Mehr Informationen zu dieser sonntäglichen Aktion findest du hier.

Sundays in Bed with… Bound by Treason (Starry Kingdoms of the Fae, #1) ♦ Eliza Tilton

Den Vormittag habe ich damit verbracht, ein weiteres Buch aus meiner Stuff Your Kindle Day Sammlung zu lesen und zu beenden. Am Nachmittag werde ich bei Red Queen weiterlesen.

Bound by TreasonBound by Treason by Eliza Tilton
Series: Starry Kingdoms of the Fae #1
Published: 2. June 2023
Publisher: Shakespeare Villains
Pages: 122
Genre: Fae, Fantasy, Novella, Romance
Audience: Adult
Shelve: Read 2023, Stuff Your Kindle
Link to Goodreads

A Mysterious Death. A Forbidden Romance. A Reign at its End.

When her third daughter mysteriously dies, Queen Moira will do whatever it takes to discover the truth and keep her youngest safe. She’s lost three children in the span of a year and will not lose another.

Her husband, the dragon king of the fae, had long left her chambers and found solace in his wicked mistresses who eased his erratic fears. He would not help Moira in this quest, and so she turned to the only fae she trusted: Tallis

Tallis, the head of the royal guard and her dear friend, would do anything to protect his queen and the royal line, but as the two fae search around the castle, they discover the truth behind the murders, and bringing the culprit to justice will tear the kingdom apart.

With each passing day, Moira is forced to choose who she is loyal to: the crown or her heart, because she can no longer honor both.

Bound by Treason is the first book in the Starry Kingdoms of the Fae Collection. These books are all standalones written by your favorite fantasy authors and are the perfect read for your summer vacation. Prepare to be swept away into magical worlds with tropes you obsess over and swoon-worthy romance.

Buy the Book: Amazon*

Mit welchem Buch bist du heute in den Sonntag gestartet? Erzähl mir davon in einem Kommentar, ich freu‘ mich darauf.

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